Season One Has Launched!!!

Posted on October 2, 2015 in News
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Everyone here at “Social Medium” HQ is so excited to announce that Season One has launched. In case you’ve missed it, we release our episodes and content in a slightly different manner than you may be use to. For our little show, each episode is not one video but a series of videos released over the course of one week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 9am (PST) we’ll launch a different piece of the episode.  There will also be lots of transmedia goodies launching through out the week as well. 

In case you miss it during the week, we’ll round up all the videos and drop them right into your inbox starting with this weeks round up!

Episode One:

Can Beatrix get to the bottom of what’s causing her new (and first) client, Jolie’s, account to send her on blind dates with the wrong men? Is it simply bug in the system or are darker forces at work!

Starring Tara Jayn, Kate Hackett, James Brent Isaacs and Alex Dorman


Don’t miss your chance to call Beatrix! Rumor has it she’ll actually be returning phone calls and taking cases over the next week. Check out her advertisement on Craigslist by clicking the photo below.

150919 BEatrix Ad

Watch and stay tuned ghosties! We’re just getting started!

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