Season 1 is coming soon!

Posted on August 30, 2015 in News
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All the pieces are falling into place and we are inching our way towards finally releasing Social Medium Season 1. For those Ghosties who have been with us from the beginning (and picked out that rad name), we thank you. It’s taken over a year to pull this project together from the seedling of an idea and we could not have made it possible with out you guys. 

Season 1 is shaping up to be a lot of fun. We’ll have more announcements coming soon and you’ll notice transmedia elements will start launching in the coming weeks, check out our Transmedia Page to follow the fun. In the meantime be sure to sign up to receive emails with awesome behind the scenes looks, downloadable fun and all kinds of Social Medium related content. Ghost not included….. we think… gulp.

Season 1: Coming SoooooOOOOOoooon

Fallon, Beatrix & James

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