Brian Newlin (Creator & Head Writer)

Brian Newlin, son of a mailman and a librarian, grew up in the lower stacks of the Springfield Public Library with a love of Daniel Pinkwater stories and the uncanny ability to guess how much postage any package might require.  After failing to impress his teachers with his math skills, Brian set out to become an artist, and after workijng on video games, tv commercials, and animated series, he eventually hound his way to Dreamworks Animation where he was promptly laid off after 12 years.  This, however, was the moment when he connected with Tara Jayn over some late night Twittering, and Social Medium was born.

He now lives in the unseasonably warm (but glamorous) small town of Los Angeles with his ever-patient wife, his incorrigible young son, and two ancient cats.  He also writes stories for weird kids at He has no idea why he’s written all of this in the third person, but this is apparently, how it’s done.

Jenni Powell (Executive Producer)

Mitch Yapko (Director)

Born in the bitter wastelands of the Far East (commonly known as Queens, NY) and schooled at Boston University, Mitch Yapko spent the majority of his formative years drawn to all things entertainment – first playing trumpet (flashy and loud, an appropriate instrument for an 8 year old), then performing in musical theater and choirs (with such an overly manish and imposing exterior, he wanted to explore his softer, more versatile side), and then moving on to stage plays and film (to see what it was like to act and not dance and sing in tights). 
However, it wasn’t until his cross-country trek to the West (inspired by Lewis and Clark and Mel Brooks) that he discovered his true passion: directing. After his first film directing and producing experience (with co-director Allen Rueckert), he was hooked. Realizing that directing and producing were what he loved and what he was passionate about, and what he was actually quite good at, he’s spent the better part of the past decade constantly learning, continuously moving forward, and always remembering to have fun. And creating some pretty cool stuff along the way.
Since 2008, Mitch has produced and directed over 60 productions, with content that has visited dozens of festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival (SMILF, Winner – Jury Prize, Best Short Fiction), Newport Beach Film Festival (WORTHY, Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking), and the Seattle International Film Festival (PANT SUITS). He is currently in post production on three short films, as well as an original trans-media series, SOCIAL MEDIUM, co-directed with Saralyn Armer.

Saralyn Armer (Director)

Originally from upstate New York, Saralyn Armer found love for the West Coast when she moved to Los Angeles in 2006.  Since landing in LA, Saralyn has worked on award-winning films GOOD DICK (2008), TiMER (2010), and THE PERFECT FAMILY (2011). She has also worked along side Bryce Dallas Howard on such projects as the Canon sponsored campaign Project Imagin8ian WHEN YOU FIND ME, Lifetime’s Call me Crazy TV movie LUCY, M83 music video CLAUDIA LEWIS, Vanity Fair’s THE DECADE SERIES: 1960’s, and the Canon sponsored film SOLEMATES.

Driven by her love for all aspects of filmmaking, Armer penned and directed two short films; PANT SUITS and WHERE IN THE G.P.S? PANT SUITS stars Bryce Dallas Howard (THE HELP), Joshua Malina (SCANDAL) Kelly Coffield Park (IN LIVING COLOR) and Marianna Palka (GOOD DICK).  Saralyn has also directed episodes for the webseries TOP MOP starring Susan-Kate Heaney and is currently in post-production on the feature film WORTHY which she produced with fellow filmmaker Mitch Yapko.  The film stars Ian Gomez (COUGAR TOWN), Jason Ritter (PARENTHOOD), Lukas Haas (CONTRABAND), Rondi Reed (MIKE & MOLLY), Eric Edelstein (SHAMELESS) and introduces Amberlee Colson.

Jessica Maroney (Producer)

Wey Wang (Director of Photography)

An award-winning Cinematographer based in Los Angeles.  He grew up in northern New Jersey, in the shadow of New York City.

As a kid, he was an avid storyteller and photographer.  He also loved math and science; eventually getting his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  After spending several years as a software developer, Wey discovered his passion for imagery and storytelling.  He found the perfect synthesis in cinematography.  After completing his masters, he moved to Los Angeles, to pursue his dreams to become a cinematographer.  He has since worked on numerour feature films and shorts; commercials; and music videos all around the world.  He has had the pleasure of working with an Oscar award winning actor and some of the worlds’ biggest brands.  He continues to push himself in the use of camera movement, composition, and lighting to become a better visual storyteller.

Mia Resella (Writer)

Mia Resella is a writer/artist in Los Angeles most known online for her YouTube channel “2 Broke Geeks,” formerly part of the Geek & Sundry Vlogs channel.  Mia has written on such web series as Future Girl and The Red Shirt Diaries as well as for live action and animated short films in traditional media, and is part of the UCLA Animation Workshop.  She also has a 17lb cat and a crippling addiction to iced coffee.  You can reach her on Twitter @2BrokeGeeks or @MiaResella.

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Cathy Sitzes (Writer)

Cathy Sitzes has been writing since the second grade.  Her first written performance piece, The Andy Griffith Christmas Special, replete with nonsensical jokes and bathroom humor, was performed by her second grade class to rave reviews.  Fast forward decades later, and she has a few short films under her belt, including webseries, This Time Will Be Different and Throw Like a Girl.  Cathy has previously worked for Dreamworks Animation and is currently doing web development / video production for a medical association in San Francisco.

Twitter: @cathysitzes

Omar Najam (Writer)

Omar Najam is a comedy writer and director who loves seeing underrepresented characters in big-scale situations.  While growing up in a small town in the bay area, he became obsessed with paranormal stories, b-horror films and low budget filmmaking.  Through writing and comedy, he wants to celebrate optimism, challenge stereotypes, show that anyone can be a hero and work on anything involving bro ghosts.  His credits include The Vault, The Red Shirt Diaries and a local commercial for a kids theater camp.  He currently makes videos with Mia Resella for 2 Broke Geeks and co-hosts the Sunnydale Study Group, a weekly Buffy The Vampire Slayer podcast.

Brandon Hearnsberger

Brandon Hearnsberger is an actor on stage, screen, and voice over.  He moonlights as an editor and VFX guy for Social Medium in his attempt to sneak into the cast.